APUOLE festival 6-7 th August, 2016. 
Registration and ideas to info@argostudio.lt

Apuole- annual traditional historical reenactment festival featuring historical reenactment clubs, craftsmen and musicians from all over the world. Festival recreates 9-13 th historical period marked in the Rimbert’s chronicle called “The Life of St. Auscharius“ (9th century AD). Rimbert mentions that settlers of Apuolė had successfully withstood the attack of the Danes. In 853 Olaf, the king of Sweden, with his large armed forces attacked Apuolė settlement and castle. After eight days of fighting settlers of Apuolė surrendered and accepted the reign of Sweden. In words of Rimbert, the defenders of Apuolė paid the Swedes a large ransom: gave back armaments and gold previously taken from the Danes and added half pound of silver for each man found in the castle.
During two days visitors will be invited to shoot the arrows, participate in craftsmen workshops, historical fights and ancient games. This is lovely place to spent a wonderful time in nice corner of Lithuania.